Logos – how much are they worth?

Usually I am not overly concerned about logos. I know that some organizations spend a great deal of time and money over getting just the right logo. My viewpoint is that the resources expended should be judiciously considered. Is the logo going to convey the right message and instantly get people to use your services? Well, in the non-profit sector people will use our services because they have to rather than they want to. We do, after all, support people in need and so spending large amounts of money to persuade may not be necessary.

I do understand the attraction though – when I decided to trade under a name and chose ‘Blue Key’ I immediately started a search for a log that was free and a blue key. My thought was that any old key would do, after all  – a key is a key. I looked for an old-fashioned key and the result is at the top of the page. The challenge to me is to get a reputation that is going to worth something. Then the words ‘Blue Key’ will begin to mean something. Harrods, Tesco, ASDA and Sainsburys are all in the same business and all have their names as their logos – a distinctive colour and font and on seeing them we all have our ideas of what they supermarket.

That all being said I came across the logo for the Bradwell Lodge Community Centre (in Newcastle under Lyme) a couple of days ago and I must say I was struck. It did seem to convey an essential message or feeling about the place. What do you think?


Perhaps it would persuade me to use the centre for the fist time if I did not know about it and from there it is up to them to impress me. Still, I shall wait a while to see if I need to spend money on another key.

For information on Bradwell Lodge Community Centre click here.

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