Look Up

I was wandering around Walsall and, never having visited before, spent some time just looking around and perhaps because it was a new place I cast my gaze further up and down than usual. From this I noticed that above the shop fronts with their plastic signs and facades there were some interesting sights. Old buildings with intricate details from a byegone age presented a delight to the eye and I wondered how often I miss items around my own home town. I offer some  examples below just from Bridge St.

Look up 2
I presume the former home of a newspaper.
Look up 4
A detail on the  building to the left.









Look up 1
Tudor by name, Tudor by nature.
Look up 3
Arches, bay windows – what more could you want?
Look up 5
One of five venerable guardians…
Look up 6
… and a colleague.








2017_0302_132206AA (2)

Finally, above a bank – imposing brickwork and a copper cuppola.

Taking notice is part of the five ways to wellbeing, for more information click here.

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