Without any fanfare this afternoon a large envelope dropped through the letterbox onto the carpet. Seeing an A4 envelope is usually exciting as you know it is not going to be bill or a bank statement, the one asking you for money and the other confirming how little money you have.

Contained therein lay a certificate of incorporation for a CIC. I must allow to a small thrill as I saw the tangible evidence of my venture. On reflection it is not much to look at: I had expected a little more colour, a dash of red perhaps, to underline the serious of the undertaking. But no, monochrome black on sepia paper. I am grateful, at least, for this last as it retains somekind of gravity for me rather than the plain white paper.


It does at least, demonstrate my committment to the principles of social enterprise and provides a milestone on this particular journey. And now, I can be called Director!BKCIC certificate of incorporation_0001

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