Big Lottery Fund & Heritage Lottery Fund Change Their Names

Every so often people who give out the money that comes from the UK national lottery have a think and ponder. It may be the result of an existential crisis or they take the time to think about what they do and how they do it – always a good thing. Indeed, the lottery generally seems to improve as the years go by.

One of the consequences of this reflection is that they change their name. Way back when it was something like the National Lottery Charities Board, it changed and is changing again so now the name we want is The National Lottery Community Fund. It is joined by the Heritage Lottery Fund becoming the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Their branding will include the two crossed-fingers and so emphasize the link between the national lottery and the good work that comes from playing it. Though I understand that research shows that good causes are not a motivation for playing the lottery.

Additionally both organizations they have had a rethink and the ways to apply have got simpler along with a change in strategy. If you are thinking of applying for any lottery grant and feel that you would like some help, I have extnsive experience in successfully applying to these funders then contact me by email or phone 07910 360624.



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