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When registering as a charity there is a part of the process where a declaration is made that the organization is not about promoting political opinion. This is quite clear, charities are charities and political parties are political parties. It is true that we all have opinions about the world we live in and we are free to voice them. However to be registered charity means we sign up to being apolitical.

All well and clear you would think. Some charities do have to tread a fine line when they are promoting certain points of view and mostly they manage this without falling foul of the Charity Commission. However, on the 6 February 2019 published a formal legal warning against the Institute of Economic Affairs after finding that its trustees breached charity law in relation to a publication about a key government policy (Brexit).

Briefly, it was found though their charitable aims are education they published a biased work by inviting only people with a certain view to contribute with no opposing side to the question. (The full report can be found here.)

It is a warning to charities to step carefully if there are charities and given the importance of the message I am surprised it did not merit a mention in other media.

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