Esmée Fairbairn Foundation – Food Strand

Grants are available to charities and not-for-profit organisations in the UK for projects investigating alternative approaches to food production, the links between food and well-being, and ways to develop a more coherent food sector.

Organisations should apply for the amount that they need. There is no maximum grant amount. However, the Foundation makes only a small number of grants in excess of £500,000 and it is unusual for the Foundation to give a grant of this size or larger to an organisation with which it does not already have a relationship. The Foundation rarely makes grants that are smaller than £5,000.

In the past, grants have ranged from £6,000 to £1.25 million, although the average was £90,000, with support lasting one to five years. Applications may be submitted at any time.Applicants are advised to take the online eligibility quiz. The Foundation has a two-stage application process. Applicants should first apply online to allow the Foundation to make an initial assessment and decide whether to take the application further. Successful first stage applications will then be invited to make a second stage application.

For more information see the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation website ( or contact them on 020 7812 3700 or

For expert help with grant or other funding applications contact Blue Key CIC on or 07910 360624.

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