Happy Days Children’s Charity

Funding for families with children aged 3-17 who are disabled, have a special need or have been abused in the UK.

Eligible applicants can apply for the costs of the following activities:

  • Day trips and Visiting Theatre: funding for a day trip to a wide variety of destinations or for a theatre performance or experience.
  • Items that can be funded are tickets/passes and transport costs.
  • Family Respite Breaks: support to meet the costs of a two to four nights UK respite break. However, under special circumstances, the choice of destination may be extended.
  • Group Activity Holidays: group activity holiday to a wide variety of destinations.

The Charity will accept an application for a family holiday from parents, guardians, grandparents or siblings. The Charity will also accept applications from GPs, consultants, nurses or social workers.

The Charity will consider applications for partial funding, joint projects with other agencies, and applications for group residential holidays.

Funding is not available for accompanying adults who are not key carers. Interested applicants must complete an application form which can be found on the Charity’s website, https://www.happydayscharity.org/.

Contact The Happy Days Children’s Charity for further information on 01582 755999, caroline@happydayscharity.org or 01582 755804, ann@happydayscharity.org.

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