Military Order of the Collar Foundation

Funding is provided by the Military Order of the Collar Charitable Foundation. This Foundation is regulated by the Charity Commission of England and Wales and aims to serve and support communities and individuals who are in need, regardless of creed, race or nationality. The focus is primarily on children’s welfare and the emergency services sector.

The scheme is intended to support organisations undertaking projects which aim to help those who are in need, particularly in the areas of poverty relief and education. The welfare of children and the emergency services sector are supported by the Foundation.

The application process is ongoing and interested applicants may apply at any time. Registered charities and other not-for-profit organisations which benefit disadvantaged people in the UK or abroad. Small and medium charities led by those in the field are favoured for funding.

Applications should be made in writing and be accompanied by the annual accounts and referees.

The Military Order of the Collar Foundation has a website for further information – Or contact on 07973 885784 or

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