Choosing the Right Funder

Funders want to change the world to make it a better place. Your organization wants to change the world to make it a better place. It should be a perfect match. However, each funder has a different idea of what they want to do with their money. So it is vital that you look at each funder so that they want to change the world in the same way that you do. This will mean that you are not wasting time and effort applying to funders who will automatically reject your application consider what you are doing.

Points to Consider

  1. Place – some funders will be interested in vary specific areas. It would be a country (Scotland), region (the North East), county (Nottinghamshire), borough (Newcastle under Lyme), town (Cannock) ward (Bloxwich East) or even smaller (Lower Super Output Areas, a subdivision of a ward). If the people who benefit do not live in their preferred area then do not apply.
  2. People – funders have a clear idea who they want to help, it may be everybody but it may be more specific, for example; women, disabled people, people with hearing loss, young people, older people, people from specific ethnic groups, people in a certain place (see 1.), people in deprived areas or circumstances.
  3. What – funders will have interests in certain themes, for example; sport as a whole, cricket, drama, the environment, community cohesion, promoting volunteering.
  4. Timing – funders have timetables and will give out their money; annually, quarterly, at any time. Pay attention to the dates. Will you have time to write the application? Will you have the money in time for the project?
  5. What can you spend the money on – some funders will pay for; building, salaries, sessional workers, equipment, organizational overheads. Some will pay for none of these. Some will consider anything.
  6. Where do I find out about all this?
    1. The funders’ websites will provide information. Some websites are better than others and some funders do not have a website.
    2. Fudging databases exist to help. They cost varying amounts and will only be as good as the information they receive or can research. Note that Funding Central is free for small groups (see f you do not want to pay then you can contact us for help in searching for funds.
    3. Trust funders will mostly be registered at the Charity Commision ( and you can look at any charity’s accounts. Funders will often publish who and what they have funded so you will be able to see if you are a good match.
    4. Talk to other organizations to see who they have had good or bad luck with. They may be able to give some hints or tips.

Remember – Check The Small Print!

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