Wooden Spoon Charity

Grants are available for organisations that are working to support disadvantaged and disabled children in the UK. Around 70 projects are funded each year. There is neither a minimum nor maximum grant level. However, it is unlikely that a project of a physical nature that is under £5,000 will have sufficient substance and scale to qualify.

The funding is for projects that enhance the quality of life of children and young people in the UK who are mentally, socially or physically disadvantaged. This could be through sensory rooms, specialist playgrounds and sports activity areas, respite, medical and community care.

Organisations and charities in the UK are eligible to apply. Wooden Spoon can only make grants to organisations with a legal status. For example, schools, charities, and private members clubs. Applications from groups working in partnership are eligible but one organisation must take the lead for the application and be the primary beneficiary and point of contact.

The funding is for projects that address the following areas:

  • Health and well-being
  • Sensory rooms and gardens
  • Specialist equipment and facilities
  • Playgrounds and outdoor activities
  • Education projects

Applicants are encouraged to contribute a percentage of the funds required.

Application forms can be found on the Wooden Spoon Society website (https://woodenspoon.org.uk/). Contact Wooden Spoon for further information at 01252 773 720 projects@woodenspoon.org.uk.

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