Twitter Is Mastered

A shout of accomplishment would be heard across the land were my voice loud enough. I have published my very first tweet. As this is it, it is not very exciting but a victory for me embracing one more facet of the 21st century.

Being worth of the description of mature I understand the frustration of having something new to learn when I am quite busy doing more things than I have time for.

Working within the not-for-profit sector I am aware that we do lag behind somewhat. I am not referring to those extremely large organizations that employ hundreds, have incomes of millions and have chief executives on salaries that are quite hard to justify but rather the backbone of the not-for-profit sector who do so much good in our communities. It is quite often a matter of resources I believe – whether those resources are money (can we afford that equipment?) or time (we need to do our work not spend hours in front a computer shouting about what we do).

Slowly, but surely though, I have come to believe that keeping abreast of the different ways we communicate is vital. Organizations now have dedicated communications officers, something unheard of only a few years ago. These publish tweets, posts, emails and more to the world. And with care the information we send out is invaluable: news (good and bad), advice, encouragement.

So before we start to complain that it’s just too difficult remember that these things are designed to be simple and with a little practice, they are. It can be well worth the effort so take keyboard in hand and shout out to the universe.

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