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Grants are available to registered charities for disability, social welfare inner city community projects, penal reform, and respite for carers in England and Wales.

A substantial proportion of the total funds available are allocated in the form of repeat grants for projects previously supported. The amount available for supporting new projects is, therefore, limited.

Applications can be made at any time.The charity’s objects are particularly focused on the following:

  • The Alchemist Scheme, which receives about half of the available funding.
  • Disability, especially mobility, access, help lines and communications.
  • Social welfare, including inner city community projects, disaffected youth, family mediation, homelessness.
  • Respite for carers.
  • Penal reform, including work with prisoners, especially young prisoners, and their families.

The Foundation does not maintain a website or an email address so pplicants should write to the Alchemy Foundation for information on how to apply.

Richard Stilgoe OBE
Alchemy Foundation
Trevereux Manor
Limpsfield Chart

3 thoughts on “Alchemy Foundation

  1. Emma Burtles Reply

    Hello. I am writing on behalf of Just Wheels, a charity supporting people with mobility issues in Tanzania. We are registered as a charity in Scotland and just wanted to ask if it might be appropriate for us to apply to the Alchemy Foundation? I see that you work with organisations based in England and Wales so it may not. I look forward to your reply. Thanks Emma Burtles

    1. Colin Williamson Reply

      Emma. I have researched and their website is closed down and looking at their last accounts state that a meeting of the trustees held in October 2019 the decision was made to close the charity down as there was not enough income and many demands on it.

      I am happy to work with anyone, though obviously as I live in Staffordshire and you Scotland we would have to talk via video and telephone until I can find a way to come to live in the promised land.

  2. Eddy Lampkin Reply

    Dear Sir /Madam,
    Please can you advise if you offer funding to Universities for research projects
    best wishes

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