Rank Foundation – Pebbles Grants

Funding is available for charities and churches for projects that benefit UK residents in UK communities. The Foundation does not publish deadlines or maximum amounts as this is dependent on the number of applications received. The most commonly donated amount is £1,000. The total cost of the project should not exceed £150,000.

The Rank Foundation has announced that it has now reopened applications for the July 2020 meeting. Any applications received after early June 2020 will be considered at the November 2020 meeting.

Organisations must have an annual income of less than £500,000.

The funding can be used for either:

  • Capital costs – funding for fixed, one-time expenses incurred on the purchase of land, buildings, construction, and equipment.
  • Short break – funding is targeted towards respite breaks for children or adults, and short-term activities or programmes.


Applicants must have already raised a third of the total costs.

Funding is not available for the following:

  • Running costs or salaries.
  • Any projects that take place outside the UK.
  • Projects for the benefit of visitors to the UK.
  • Projects that are for the benefit of only one ethnic or religious group; facilities must be open to the wider community.
  • Causes supported elsewhere by the Rank Foundation. This includes hospices, mainstream schools, specific individuals and film-making.
  • Areas that are under the provision of state aid, such as medical requirements.

The online application forms can be found on the Foundation’s website (https://rankfoundation.com/pebble-grants/).

Contact the Rank Foundation for further information at contactus@rankfoundation.com.

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