A Truly Great Website

Websites are part and parcel of who we are and can project an image to the world at large and potential clients. They can also, at their best, inform, educate and inspire. I came across one recently and was all of the previous.

The Asians Woman Festival https://www.asianwomanfestival.com/

Now it is obvious from the picture of me on the Blue Key Website (https://bluekeycic.org.uk/about-2/meet-the-team/) that I am not Asian or a women so why am I interested in this website? Well, part of me is interested in purely academic point of view looking at the design, layout and so on of a website and whether it does the job.

Another reason why I think it is important to look at this website (and others) is precisely because I am not Asian or a woman. The website is full of stories, comments, information experiences – there is text, pictures, video and podcasts, and in reading, looking at, watching and listening I might get a glimmer of understanding about what it is to be an Asian woman and recognise the problems they have to face everyday. This, I hope, should mean that I work towards not being part of the problem.

Anyway, it is just a thought. But, please have a quick visit to their website and be informed, educated and inspired.

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