Music for All – Community Project Funding

Grants are available to UK-based community groups that aim to bring musical projects to their local communities with grants of up to £2,000 are available.

The grants programme aims to give a helping hand to projects and initiatives across the UK that are seeking to bring music to their communities. The funding is for groups that need assistance to fulfil their potential in developing truly sustainable music programmes.

The charity is unlikely to be able to meet applications in full, so applicants are strongly advised to also apply to other bodies for assistance.

Groups, schools and organisations that are bringing music to their communities in the UK or Ireland can apply. Priority will be given to applicants who are most in need of help.

In the current round, support will be available in the following distinct areas:

  • Projects which are based on electric guitars and/or ukuleles – Music for All is inviting groups in need of electric guitars and/or ukuleles to apply for some very special instruments.
  • Projects that require analogue synthesisers – up to 20 special Behringer MS-1 analogue synthesisers are available to award to deserving community projects.
  • David Hughes piano or keyboard award – to support the progress of a piano or keyboard player.
  • Projects based on innovation in remote music tuition – The restrictions of the pandemic have had a huge impact on music tuition and many have used new and innovative approaches to ensure music education can continue. Music for All would like to support those rising to this challenge through the use of technology to support remote music tuition via a cash grant of up to £2,000 for a single project to demonstrate innovation in this area.
  • Community choirs that require support – During the past 18 months, choirs have often struggled to meet up and take part in the very activity that helps unites their community and alleviates the stress of those taking part. Music for All would like to recognise those choirs that have managed to maintain their community links and kept their choir working despite the many and changing restrictions around practice and performance. A grant of up to £2,000 is available to support one or multiple choir-based community projects.

The main aspects that the trustees look for in an application are:

  • The number of new musicians the project will create and support.
  • The sustainability of the project (to ensure that people are able to continue their musical journeys).
  • Whether there are any other organisations supporting the project that can help with funding, or if funding applications have been made to other charities. (Music for All likes to help as many applicants as it can, so often works with other organisations to enable projects to gain the full support required.)

The next deadline for applications is 10 September 2021. There are normally three application rounds each year. An online application form is available to complete on the Music for All website. The process takes around three months from application to outcome notification.

Further information can be found at for more information contact the funder at 01403 628892 or

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