Copywriting & Website Design

Blue Key can provide communication support for your organization by offering –


Text designed to suit your message and audience whether this is short (leaflets, flyers) or long (reports, pamphlets).

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Communication is a a vital part of the work of the not-for-profit sector as we talk to our clients, volunteers, staff, funders, partners, members of the public. It demonstrates your work and your values and goes a long way in showing your organizations worth.

For examples of copy see this website on the pages and blog materials.

Website Design

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No organization can afford not to have a website – it is your organization’s ‘shop window’ and lets the public, your clients, partners organizations, funders see who you are, what you do, how to contact. Your website sets the tone of your organization and is vital in projecting your image.

To see an example of Blue Key’s website design go to

All work is done on a pay-by-the hour basis so you can decide exactly what you want. We will provide an estimate of the cost as part of the discussion of what it is you want from your website.