Funding Applications

Blue Key can compose from small (£1,000) to large (£300,000+) funding applications for whatever you need – core costs, capital costs, specific projects. We charge by the hour (no percentage of the bid amount) and you are given copies of all materials composed at the end for your use. There are no guarantees apart from that our bids are written by people with long experience and success behind them and that you will not get anything better elsewhere.

Also, we can review your funding applications and, if applicable, make suggestions for improvement. We charge by the hour for this service and as with the above we provide an estimate of the time taken and will work to your constraints so that you will never spend more than you wish.

Charges are from £30 to £50 per hour and as examples recently one organization spent £37.50 on having an application reviewed and suggestions provided and recouped £10,000. Another spent £120 and was awarded £4,000 using Blue Key’s suggestions. Currently 80% of the bids we have reviewed and have advised on have been sucessful in getting their funding.