Funding Applications

We can write small (£1,000) to large (£300,000+) funding applications for whatever you need – core costs, capital costs, specific projects. We charge by the hour (no percentage of the bid amount) and you are given copies of all materials composed at the end for your use. There are no guarantees apart from that our bids are written by people with long experience and success behind them and that you will not get anything better elsewhere.

Also, we can review your funding applications and, if applicable, make suggestions for improvement. We charge by the hour for this service and as with the above we provide an estimate of the time taken and will work to your constraints so that you will never spend more than you wish.

Charges are from £30 to £50 per hour and, as examples, one organization spent £37.50 on having an application reviewed and suggestions provided and recouped £10,000. Another spent £120 and was awarded £4,000 using Blue Key’s suggestions.

Feedback from a client

Colin Williamson puts everything he has into supporting not for profits to secure funding. He has phenomenal expertise in many areas, including bid writing, financial projection, ICT and he also has a wealth of knowledge about the sector. He is extremely well informed about available funding streams (and he has cool hair and a floofy beard like a musketeer- you can take this out if you like- just doing the ego stroke thing you asked for :-)).

Jo & Becky front. CW rear.

More importantly, Colin has a heart the size of Jupiter. His kindness, his sense of humour and positivity has kept us going even on the toughest days and if you are struggling as we were, there will be days when you write long rambling emails demanding goodness knows what response, and Colin will reply, making sense of it all.

At every turn, Colin has been Pooh to our Eeyore, and now, thanks to him, our shrivelled balloon jar has been replaced by an amazing pot of funding from The National Lottery Community Fund! Thanks to Colin we have security for five years and the chance to grow. Anyone involved in supporting vulnerable people will understand just how much this means to us and to the community we serve.

So thank you Colin, from the bottom of our hearts.

Big Love from Becky, Jo and everyone at The Friendship Cafe Walsall CIC XXX

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