Funding Sources

There are around 4,500 trust funders in the UK and they all have an idea of what they want to fund: geographical location; type of beneficiary; theme; length of funding; revenue or captial; preference for a legal struture, size, volunteer led and so on. It can be confusing to know which is going to be the best possible choice.

Using a funding database Blue Key will discuss with you your criteria for funding your organization or project and will conduct a search. A simple search will give you a raw list whereas a more detailed search we will remove all those funders who will not likely fund your undertaking. Searches can take thirty minutes to two hours depending on the number of initial possible funders. A well researched funding search can save you valuable time that can be spent on maximizing your income.

We regulary publish funding leads as they come to our notice on our blog. See Mr W’s Posts for these or follow us on Facebook.

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