The Simone Prendergast Charitable Trust

Grants are available for general charitable activities in the UK. Funding is at the discretion of the Trustees. Previous grants have been for up to £4,000.Applicants may apply at any time.

The Simone Prendergast Charitable Trust does not maintain a website. Groups should write to the Trust for further information on how to apply.

Oliver Watson
Simone Prendergast Charitable Trust
Dixon Wilson
22 Chancery Lane

Tel: 020 7680 8100

Wooden Spoon Charity

Grants are available for organisations that are working to support disadvantaged and disabled children in the UK. Around 70 projects are funded each year. There is neither a minimum nor maximum grant level. However, it is unlikely that a project of a physical nature that is under £5,000 will have sufficient substance and scale to qualify.

The funding is for projects that enhance the quality of life of children and young people in the UK who are mentally, socially or physically disadvantaged. This could be through sensory rooms, specialist playgrounds and sports activity areas, respite, medical and community care.

Organisations and charities in the UK are eligible to apply. Wooden Spoon can only make grants to organisations with a legal status. For example, schools, charities, and private members clubs. Applications from groups working in partnership are eligible but one organisation must take the lead for the application and be the primary beneficiary and point of contact.

The funding is for projects that address the following areas:

  • Health and well-being
  • Sensory rooms and gardens
  • Specialist equipment and facilities
  • Playgrounds and outdoor activities
  • Education projects

Applicants are encouraged to contribute a percentage of the funds required.

Application forms can be found on the Wooden Spoon Society website ( Contact Wooden Spoon for further information at 01252 773 720

Adint Charitable Trust

Grants are available to UK registered charities for general charitable work. The Trust awards around £300,000 in grants each year. Funding is at the discretion of the Trustees. Grants tend to be in the range of £5,000 to £10,000. Applications may be submitted at any time.Only UK registered charities may apply.

The grants are to be used for general charitable work. The Trust does not maintain a website or a standard application form. The Trust requests that applicants ‘make their case in hard copy by post or by e-mail (see below) in the manner that they think is best. Their request should show their registered charity number, the name and sort code of their bank and their account number. It will be considered by the Trustees at their next meeting. No acknowledgements will be sent out to unsuccessful applicants. The Trustees are unable to enter into correspondence or arrange meetings and will only contact an applicant if their application is successful.

Trust Administrator
The Adint Charitable Trust
Suite 512
571 Finchley Road


Angus Irvine Playing Fields Fund

Grants are available to local community groups, sports clubs and charities for projects that will increase opportunities for young people in disadvantaged areas of the UK to play outdoor sport. Typically, grants will range from £2,500 to £5,000. Larger grants may be possible in some circumstances. The next deadline for applications is 31 July 2019.

Key Criteria:

Applications will be accepted from local community groups, sports clubs and charities. Applications can be made for grants towards some or all of the following types of projects with the intention of growing outdoor sports capacity to reach more young people:

  • The development and improvement of playing fields and other facilities.
  • The development and training of volunteers including the provision of qualifications.
  • The purchase of specialist disability equipment.
  • The development of long-term sustainability, for example marketing and finance expertise.

An application form can be found on the Access Sport website ( Applications should be submitted by email. Contact Access Sport for further information on 020 7933 9883 or

Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation

Grants are available to UK registered charities working in England and Wales in the areas of advancing education, relieving poverty, and advancing religion, with a focus on helping young people in need so that they can live a fuller and more satisfying life in the community.

Funding is at the discretion of the Trustees. There is no maximum or minimum limit to funding requests. There are no deadlines. Applications can be submitted at any time and are reviewed at regular intervals.

The foundation will not enter into any form of correspondence beyond confirmation of submission. An application form can be found on the Foundation’s website (, which must be sent by email to

A B Charitable Trust

Grants are available for small to medium-sized charities registered and working in the UK that defend human rights and promote respect for vulnerable individuals in the UK. The grants range in size, with most grants being in the range of £10,000 to £20,000.

The A B Charitable Trust (ABCT), an independent, UK based grant-making organisation, is concerned with promoting and defending human dignity and human rights. The Trust’s focus is on unpopular causes reaching the most vulnerable and marginalised in society.

The next deadline is 10 May 2019. Charities should have an annual income of between £150,000 and £1.5 million and no substantial investments or surpluses. Capital appeals are not normally supported.

An online application form must be submitted with a funding proposal, no longer than 1,200 words in Microsoft Word format, including background, aims and objectives, activities and achievements.

Applications and funding proposals should be uploaded along with following supporting documents:

  • Signed copy of the charity’s latest accounts/statements, with a reporting date that is no more than 12 months prior to the application deadline.
  • The organisation’s latest management accounts and the projected surplus/deficit for the current financial year.
  • Up to two items of publicity material that illustrate the work of the charity, such as annual reviews or leaflets.

Contact the A B Charitable Trust ( for further information by telephone 020 7313 8070 or email

Strasser Foundation

The Strasser Foundation, a very small registered charity, offers funding to voluntary and community organisations in the geographical area of Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and environs for local good causes. Applications are accepted at any time.

The funding is intended to support projects that are charitable in nature and benefit, children and young people, older people, or people with disabilities.

Applicants are advised to contact the Foundation to confirm that exclusions do not apply.

The Foundation does not maintain a website or have a formal application form. Applications should be made in writing to The Strasser Foundation.

The Strasser Foundation
c/o Knights Solicitors
The Brampton

Tel: 01782 627089

Sir John Middlemore Charitable Trust

Grants are available to support not-for-profit organisations working to directly benefit children and young people under the age of 18 and for those with a disability, 25, in the West Midlands. Grants of up to £3,000 is available through the scheme.

Applications may be submitted at any time and are considered four times a year. The majority of support is focussed on Birmingham, however, applications are accepted from organisations across the West Midlands.

The Trustees are particularly keen to support smaller organisations with an annual income of less than £250,000.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Trust’s website ( or requested by email ( The completed application forms should be returned by email. Postal applications will also be accepted if applicants cannot access email.

In an effort to reduce administration costs, no correspondence or telephone conversations will be entered into with regard to applications.

Feminist Review Trust

Grants are available for projects in the UK and internationally that transform the lives of women. Grants of up to £15,000 are available. However, the Trustees rarely give out awards of this amount. The Trust receives a very large number of applications; far more than it can fund. The current success rate for applications is 1–2%. [This may seem low but a good application will no doubt stand a better chance.]

In 2018 and 2019, the Trust particularly welcome applications from non-OECD countries that focus on campaigning and activism in the following areas:

  • Lesbian and transgender rights
  • Violence against women and girls
  • Disabled women and girls
  • Refugee women and girls

The 2019 application deadlines are:

  • 31 January 2019 (for 30 May decision)
  • 30 April 2019 (for 5 September decision)
  • 10 September 2019 (for 15 December decision)

An application form and more detailed information can be found on the Trust’s website ( The completed form should be returned by email to the Trust. The Trust only accepts electronic applications.

Contact the Feminist Review Trust for further information by email on

Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust – Early Years’ Preventative Work

Grants are available for registered charities to support work that will improve the life chances of some of the most disadvantaged children (aged 0-3 years) in England and Wales by investing in early intervention and preventative work.

There is no minimum grant size. The maximum grant available is £50,000 per year. Grants may be awarded for one, two or three years.

Stage-one applications can be submitted:

  • Between 26 March and 14 May 2019.
  • Between 1 October and 29 November 2019.

The Trust will be looking for proposals that:

  • Have defined outcomes built in with clear measurement tools and evaluation procedures in place.
  • Have the flexibility to adapt to changing external factors.
  • Have wide application or which have relevance for specific groups.
  • Look to build on existing good practice or to trial new work.

Successful organisations must be prepared to share learning from the funded work with other organisations, to increase the impact.

There is a two-stage application process:

  • The first step is complete the online pre-application checklist, which can be found on the Trust’s website. Those who are eligible will then be able to complete a stage-one application form.
  • Organisations that are successful at this point will be invited to submit a stage-two application.

Contact the Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust for further information by website (, telephone (01707 259259) or email (